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Brenda S. Doetzer, Reiki Master Teacher, Singer, Sound Healer

Healing Journeys Retreat Weekend

A weekend of learning, sharing, experiencing and relaxing with like minded people!

Open to all men and women, 18 and over.


June 5 - 7, 2015

Retreat and Conference Center at Bon Secours

Marriottsville, MD

Check-in 3-5 PM, on Friday. Retreat ends Sunday at 4 PM



We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

"We are the ones who will make a difference..
When we join together we shape our destiny
To see a world where we are living as one.."


2013 Labyrinth Walk

2014 Labyrinth Walk


Join us for

Group Sharing of Gifts  


                       Group Healing Techniques                     

Group Labyrinth walk

Yoga with Kelly Neylan     Readings with Aurora

Free time for shared healing, hanging out, swimming and hiking

Healing Room        Spiritual Gift Exchange

Shop full of goodies!!

Standby for more!

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY--Bring your flyers, brochures, business cards!

Bring your books, CDs, etc. to sell in our store!





Reiki Retreat


Meals and lodging are included in the pricing.

All rooms are single, with a full size bed and a private bathroom.

If Paid IN FULL by November 30, 2014  $375

*If Paid IN FULL by February 28, 2015  $425

AFTER February 28, 2014 $475



All 3 days: $175 if paid by February 28, 2015.  After Feb. 28, $225

1 or 2 days: $125 if paid by February 28.    After Feb. 28, $150

*Must be paid in full two weeks prior to retreat

(meals are included in the pricing)



            *Add $6.00 to fee, if charging by PayPal            


PLEASE NOTE- This is a scent free environment! Please be understanding...


Our Mission

Eden Life Journeys provides one day and weekend retreats to enable people from around the world to come together, to share in healing intensive programs, share information, and to just "get away from it all"! We select locations for their privacy, peacefulness, and positive energy, which provides a safe setting for a healing retreat. During our retreats, participants may experience significant personal healing, renewal and growth.

We invite you to join us!
Blessings of Love, Peace and Joy!

Larry Bohlen is a dowser with a focus on earth energies. Inspired by the work of Hamish Miller in The Sun and the Serpent, Larry is in the midst of a project to map the ley lines and arterial earth energy lines of the U.S. mid-Atlantic seaboard. He considers dowsing to be one of many paths to inner awareness. He teaches the art to others and performs earth energy assessments of landscapes and buildings, both remotely and in person.

Larry is also a former NASA engineer, an environmental advocate, and an eco-entrepreneur. He helped repair the Hubble Telescope, discovered an illegal variety of genetically engineered corn in the American food supply, and founded triple-bottom line companies NaturalCheck and Green Leaf Gold.



Larry will provide an introduction to dowsing with the intention of finding the energy centers of your home and your property. With a little practice you can find the places of greatest balance and harmony beneficial for meditation, contemplation, gardening or hosting family gatherings. Each participant will receive a simple set of dowsing rods and practice will be included during the session.

Earth energy centers identified by Larry in the mid-Atlantic region that are comparable to sacred sites in Glastonbury and Sedona will be also be discussed.







Kelly Neylan, Yoga Instructor

Kelly Neylan  is the owner of Lasting Light Yoga & Lasting Light Reiki . She teaches Hatha Yoga and offers private or group lessons. She is also available for organizations, events and health fairs. Her classes focus on a fun and relaxing style of yoga that cultivates mental and physical balance and flexibility. Classes are open to students of all ages and physical abilities. She holds a 200-hour teacher certificate from Yoga Alliance, a Level III Radiant Child certificate in children's yoga, and a 30-hour certificate in Pre & Post Natal Yoga. Kelly is a Usui, Karuna Ki, & Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master.  She is also currently working on her sound healing degree.












Aurora Gabriel, Channeler and Intuitive

Aurora is a Channeler, Spiritual Intuitive, Animal Communicator and Spiritual Garden Coach. She has been channeling and reading for 23 years. Aurora channels Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Great Mothers, Mary Magdalené and the Women Healers, and Other Light Beings. As an Intuitive Reader she works with your guides, past lives, health and relationships.




Rev. Mary Perry will be joining us to do Angel Readings, on Friday night and on Saturday. Mary connects with her angelic guidance to bring to her clients the messages and healing that these beings can bring us. With her business, Wings Unfurled she is dedicated to helping others connect to their inner wisdom and to begin their healing journey in many different ways.

In the works!




To reserve a space for the 2014 Retreat, Download PDF form, fill out
and send with your
check payable to "Brenda Doetzer"   to

Eden Life Journeys
P.O. Box 3144
Baltimore, MD 21228


Credit Card Payment, using PayPal

If used will incur an additional administrative charge to cover the fees for use of their service. Full payment is due at the time of service,
unless a payment plan has been arranged. All fees are to be paid in US dollars.

. Please inquire for more details.

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